Posts Tagged ‘paranormal’ – The enigma of streetlight interference (SLI) has been recorded in various parts of the world. Many people say they are able to turn off the streetlights just by walking under them.

Is this an explainable electrical phenomenon or the product of unknown energies?

How can we explain that a street lamp nearest a particular person suddenly blinks out, turning on again as soon as the person passed it.

If it happened once, we could easily explain it as a coincidence, but if it occurs over and over again just to that particular person then it is an enigma.


The true reason why some people cause streetlight interference remains a mystery.The opinions vary and it is an interesting subject worthy to explore in more detail.

Late Fortean writer and researcher Hilary Evens was prior to his death in 2011, the foremost authority on SLI.

“SLIder” is the term he coined to refer to someone who reports a SLI experience.

After receiving numerous reports from people claiming that street lamps respond to their presence in an inexplicable way, Evans decided to investigate the enigma.

He collected hundreds of accounts of SLI and presented the result of his research in his book SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference.

In his book, Hilary Evens writes: “History demonstrates that there can be widespread belief in a phenomenon which is nonetheless nothing more than an artifact derived from an erroneous interpretation of witness testimony.

However, SLI has a basis in physical reality which is amenable to investigation: street lights are physical objects and the SLI effect, if it exists, must be ultimately a physical process. By its nature, SLI lends itself to methodical observation and controlled testing.”

“Frankly, when I first heard of SLI I considered it largely insignificant and boring, regardless of whether or not the phenomenon had a paranormal basis.

I hastily concluded that most, if not all, SLI experiences could be accounted for as a result of people perceiving connections that have no basis in reality. For, as everybody knows, street lamps can and do malfunction from time to time, and people are bound to walk past them at the moment these malfunctions occur.

After taking a deeper look at the phenomenon, however, I came to the unavoidable conclusion that we’re dealing with a genuine mystery – and, what’s more, an important and fascinating one. If true… claims [of SLI] carry profound and exciting implications for science and for our knowledge of human potential, ” Evens wrote in his book explaining his own attitude and take on the subject.

SLIders are often treated with great skepticism and yet they are told that there is no sufficient explanation for the phenomenon they experience.


How Do They Do That? A young man of Dublin walks past a row of streetlights at night–and they go out, one by one, as he passes.

An engineer in Woodville, Washington, is stopped by police and his car searched to find out what he’s doing to their streetlights.

An Australian in the entertainment industry parks his car in a parking lot, and the light above him goes out-until the following evening when he parks in precisely the same space and the light comes on again. And that’s not all. When a guest in a restaurant in Athens, Greece, asks that the music be turned down, they refuse–whereupon she “kills” the restaurant’s electricity and they eat the rest of their meal by candlelight. Other people affect traffic lights, computers, railway crossings… This is Street Light Interference (SLI). Once considered to be folklore–something that happened to a friend of a friend–today it is recognized as a scientific enigma with implications for our knowledge of the universe, including ourselves. In this, the first full-length book on SLI, we hear from some of the hundreds of SLIders who have reported their uncanny experiences, and consider the wider implications of this fascinating phenomenon. Read more here:
Evens describers plenty of stories reported to him by people who experienced streetlight interference.

“It occurred to me that the ones I zap are all on light-sensing switches, and perhaps my energy at certain times for who knows what or why, is the right kind and strength to trick the switch into thinking it is daytime,” explains one individual who considers himself to be a SLIder

Richard M, says he became aware of his SLI ability as a teenager. He recalls “lights were going out when we walked under them and then flickering back on when we had passed. It didn’t frighten me but I became conscious of it. I remember walking under them trying to make them go out but I couldn’t.


Streetlight interference has been reported worldwide.

The moment I stopped willing it to happen, it would start again – like someone catching me out. I sort of anticipated it for a while and didn’t really tell anyone about it. A few years ago, I noticed it happening again – the first time for a long time.

Again, I was with my dog and this time we turned out a number of lights in a car park across the road. I told a close friend when I got home and he came out to watch from the other side of the road. As we walked around the park, they all went out as we passed under them, and then came back on when we had moved away… I seem to recall that both periods coincided with stress, some of it quite intense.”

Some skeptics suggest that SLI occurs as a consequence of lights near the end of their life, but the intermittent illumination of aging streetlights does not resolve many of the cases of SLI.

“These appliances need not be street lights, of course: and the reports we have of persons affecting computers, supermarket check-outs, etc. can be seen as providing confirmatory testimony to this. However, there is good reason to think that street lights are particularly sensitive compared with other types of equipment: this could be because they operate at close to the critical level, or because it is not normally considered necessary to provide them with substantial shielding,” Evens writes.

Those who treat SLI as a true phenomenon believe that certain people possess a level of energy that interacts with the streetlights or electrical equipment and this energy causes lights to go on and off.

According to Evens’ theory a “force” at work in SLI operates by affecting the voltage of the current, most likely by causing a surge in voltage that triggers the lamp’s internal cut off switch.


Are you also a SLIder?

“To perform this feat,” he speculates, “SLI would have to be an electro-dynamic force, somehow generated within or through the human biological system, and somehow externalised into the neighbouring environment, where it will act on any appliance which happens to be vulnerable.”

It should be added that the majority of SLI cases happen while people walk. However there , are also those who say it occurs while riding on bicycles, motorbikes, or even the bus.

SLIders also often experience problems with compasses or clocks, causing them to stop or malfunction.

True Tales of Haunted Dolls

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Dolls have long been a source of amusement for both children and adults. However, they can also bring terror as well as joy. Read on for chilling true tales of haunted dolls and possessed playthings.

The Legend of Robert the Doll

When it comes to haunted dolls, Robert is arguably America’s most famous. The Key West doll is a fixture on local ghost tours and even served as an inspiration for Chucky in Child’s Play.

robert the haunted doll

Robert belonged to Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto. In 1906, a Bahamian maid reportedly gave the doll to Robert and then cursed the toy after Robert’s parents displeased her. Soon after the maid’s departure, strange events began plaguing the Otto household.

Young Robert enjoyed talking to his namesake, and servants insisted the doll talked back. They also claimed the plaything could change expressions at will and move about the house on his own. Neighbors reportedly saw the doll move from window to window when the family was away, and members of the Otto household heard maniacal giggles emanating from the toy.

Robert the Doll spooked plenty of folks during the day, but at night he focused on young Robert Otto. The boy would wake in the middle of the night, screaming in fear, as the heavy furniture in his room crashed to the floor. When his parents demanded to know what happened, Otto’s response was always the same: “Robert did it! It was Robert.”

Robert Otto died in 1974, and his notorious doll now sits on display at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West. Legend has it the doll will curse anyone who takes a photo without permission, which Robert grants by slightly tilting his head. Visitors who forget can always beg for forgiveness which is what cameramen from the Travel Channel did after their HD camera mysteriously stopped working.

haunted doll

The Eyes Follow You

Though dolls like Robert grab headlines and spark imaginations, they’re not alone. Hundreds of haunted doll tales fill ghost blogs and forums across web, including one from an average woman in Moundsville, WV.

Years ago, the woman had a grade school friend named Emily and the two spent a lot of time at Emily’s home. The entire house had a strange feeling to it, but it was the attic that was the most unnerving.

“The attic was finished, but had that ‘death’ smell to it, like an abandoned building,” the woman writes. “It was always cold, despite the hot air that would rise from the floors below. The attic contained four small rooms, and one room was entirely devoted to dolls which I always found terrifying.”

One afternoon, the girls played with a few of the dolls until Emily’s grandmother called them to lunch. They placed the rag dolls back on the shelf, but one tumbled off just as they were about to leave. This was strange as the doll fell in a way that seemed physically impossible. Puzzled, the woman returned the doll to its shelf and went downstairs to eat. However, that wasn’t the end of the encounter.

“Later on that day, Emily and I were playing in the woods adjacent to her house, and I squatted down to pick up a pretty stone,” the woman writes. “When I went down, I felt something poking me in my pocket. I put my hand in the pocket, and I found two doll eyes …the eyes from the doll I had picked up earlier that day. Needless to say, I have been terrified of dolls ever since.”


Haunted Doll Sites

Though most people avoid haunted dolls, some have a passion for possessed playthings and share their knowledge and interest online.

The Doll House Cam

The Doll House Cam streams videos of haunted dolls 24/7, giving armchair ghost hunters the chance to spot a possessed doll in action.

“Set in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, amongst the mountains and streams, is a little known secret,” reads the title page of “Seven dolls that once were loved by little girls now adorn the home of a family of five. They don’t just sit on a shelf looking pretty. These porcelain beauties, for lack of a better description, have taken on a life of their own.”

David’s Haunted Dolls

doll_eyesDavid’s Haunted Dolls is dedicated to educating the public about haunted dolls and the best way to care for any “Spirit Children” they might come across.

“A haunted doll is not your everyday Betsy Wetsy,” he writes. “Haunted dolls are real life spirits that are attached to a certain host doll. Nobody really knows if the spirit picks that host doll, or if they are just drawn there, but we do know it happens. You might even have a haunted doll in your home, and not even know it.”

AJ’s Haunted Dolls

Folks looking to buy a haunted doll need look no further than AJ’s Haunted Dolls. The site offers a variety of creepy playthings, ranging from the innocent and sweet to the dark and destructive.

“Each and every one of my Spirit Children and paranormal items are unique in their own special way,” AJ writes. “Not only because they are inhabited with a beautiful spirit, but because of the vessel they have chosen. I try and collect a variety of hosts, spirits, and unique paranormal magical items.”

By Christie Gordon

Possessed Patients: True Tales of Hospital Demons

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While the woods are full of things that go bump in the night, forested areas hardly have a monopoly on the supernatural. If the stories from medical professionals are accurate, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities also play host to spirits, particularly those of the demonic variety.


A Patient Possessed


Nurses deal with death on a daily basis, so it’s hardly surprising that many turn to religion as a source of wisdom and comfort. However, encounters with demonic forces may also influence nurses’ views on the battle between good and evil. In a chilling tale on, one nurse shares her experience with a dying patient who was more than he seemed. According to the nurse, the patient suffered from a variety of ailments that could end his life at any time. However, the man was terrified of death and raged at the nurses to keep him alive. “Every time his heart monitor beeped, he would go into a rage screaming, ‘Don’t let me die! Don’t let me die,’” the nurse writes. “We soon found out why he didn’t want to die.”




One night, the patient took a turn for the worse, and the nurse rushed into his room with emergency supplies. However, she wasn’t prepared for what she found. “This man was sitting about two inches above the bed and was laughing,” the nurse writes. “His whole look completely changed. His eyes had a look of pure evil and he had this evil smile on his face. He laughed at us and said, ‘You stupid bitches aren’t going to let me die are you?’”. After this frightening outburst, the man went into cardiac arrest and died 20 minutes later. However, the terror was far from over. Five minutes after a doctor pronounced the patient dead, the newly-deceased man sat up in bed and started to laugh, saying “You let him die. Too bad.” What happened next sounds like something from a horror movie. “We heard a horrible, agonizing scream and then you could hear ‘don’t let me die’ whispered throughout the unit,” the nurse reports. “Every one of the nurses that night was pale and scared. Nobody went anywhere by themselves. By morning, the whispers of ‘don’t let me die’ were gone.”


A Terrifying Vision


Another tale, also from, describes a patient’s terrifying vision just minutes before her death. “She was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days,” a nurse writes of her friend who worked in an oncology unit. “At one point during the night, the nurse went into the room and the patient was at the top of the bed and looked at her and said, ‘Don’t let them take me.’ The nurse was freaked out and asked the patient who was going to take her, and she said ‘that black thing up there’ and pointed up in the air. This patient died within minutes.”


creepy hospital corridor


The Mark of the Beast


Nurses aren’t the only medical professionals to encounter sinister forces on the job. A paramedic on shares his experience with a dying patient and a number many call the mark of the beast. Like the dying man in the hospital, the paramedic’s patient was highly agitated, and he seemed to dread his impending death. “We get there and it’s this poor guy in his early 40′s who is bald from chemo and sitting on his brother’s couch,” the paramedic writes. “He just kept saying, ‘Ooh. No. No. Oooh.’ and looking around the room, flinching every now and then like he was waving away flies. We got him to sit on the stretcher, and he said, ‘No, not now.’” The man sadly crumpled to the ground a few minutes later and died with tears on his cheeks. As the paramedic drove the man’s body to the emergency room, he wondered about the patient’s post-death fate. That’s when things started to get weird.




“As I wondered if the man would go to heaven, I got a bad feeling, like darkness was creeping all around us,” the medic writes. “I happened to look down at the volt-meter and I saw the number 666 flashing. This panel normally doesn’t flash at all, it just reads voltage. It went 666, then .1, then 666, then .1, then 666, then .1, and then it went back up to 1200 or so and stayed that way. The uneasy feeling went away, but I still prayed the whole way to the hospital.”  For those unfamiliar with the significance of 666, many Christians associate the number with evil due to a passage in Revelation. In the New International Version of the Bible, Revelation 13:15-18 reads:


“The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.


This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.”


Do demonic entities prey on the souls of humans? Let’s hope not. However, many religions teach that evil spirits are a real risk to both the faithful and disbelievers. What do you think?

Christy Gordon

Sacrifice and Supernatural Cats

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Sacrifice and Supernatural Cats

Now and again, I’m asked for my views on the so-called Alien Big Cats – or ABCs as they are also known – of the UK. Britain, of course, is not home to any sort of indigenous cat of the exotic and large kind. Yet, people report seeing such creatures all the time, and usually of the black or tan-colored variety. I’m convinced that some of these beasts are flesh and blood in nature. Others, however, I’m not quite so sure about, since I have more than a few reports on record of ABCs vanishing in the blink of an eye, or even seen in association with strange lights in the sky.

So, what might these other ABC’s be, if not wholly flesh and blood? For a possible answer, we have to turn to an old and sinister tradition known as the Taigheirm. Merrily Harpur, a British big cat researcher and the author of Mystery Big Cats, said of the Taigheirm: “This was an infernal magical sacrifice of cats in rites dedicated to the subterranean gods of pagan times, from whom particular gifts and benefits were solicited. They were called in the Highlands and the Western Isles of Scotland, the Black-Cat Spirits.”

The rites in question, Harpur added, “involved roasting cats to death on a spit, continuously for four days and nights, during which period the operator was forbidden to sleep or take nourishment, and after a time infernal spirits would appear in the shape of large, black cats.”


Without doubt the most detailed description of this archaic and highly disturbing rite can be found in the pages of J.Y.W. Lloyd’s 1881 book, The History of the Prince, the Lord’s Marcher, and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fadog and the Ancient Lords of Arwystli, Cedewen, and Meirionydd. Since Lloyd’s words are vital to understanding and appreciating the weird story that will soon unfold in its unsettling entirety, I make no apology for quoting the author at length:

“Horst, in his Deuteroscopy, tells us that the Highlanders of Scotland were in the habit of sacrificing black cats at the incantation ceremony of the Taigheirm, and these were dedicated to the subterranean gods; or, later to the demons of Christianity. The midnight hour, between Friday and Saturday, was the authentic time for these horrible practices and invocations; and the sacrifice was continued four whole days and nights, without the operator taking any nourishment.”

On this matter, Horst himself said of the cruel rite: “After the cats were dedicated to all the devils, and put into a magico-sympathetic condition, by the shameful things done to them, and the agony occasioned to them, one of them was at once put alive upon the spit, and amid terrific howlings, roasted before a slow fire. The moment that the howls of one tortured cat ceased in death, another was put upon the spit, for a minute of interval must not take place if they would control hell; and this continued for the four entire days and nights. If the exorcist could hold it out still longer, and even till his physical powers were absolutely exhausted, he must do so.

“After a certain continuance of the sacrifice, infernal spirits appeared in the shape of black cats. There came continually more and more of these cats; and their howlings, mingled with those roasting on the spit, were terrific. Finally, appeared a cat of a monstrous size, with dreadful menaces. When the Taigheirm was complete, the sacrificer [sic] demanded of the spirits the reward of his offering, which consisted of various things; as riches, children, food, and clothing. The gift of second sight, which they had not had before, was, however, the usual recompense; and they retained it to the day of their death.”

balinese mask

Lloyd took up the story from there: “One of the last Taigheirm, according to Horst, was held in the island of Mull. The inhabitants still show the place where Allan Maclean, at that time the incantor, and sacrificial priest, stood with his assistant, Lachlain Maclean, both men of a determined and unbending character, of a powerful build of body, and both unmarried. We may here mention that the offering of cats is remarkable, for it was also practiced by the ancient Egyptians. Not only in Scotland, but throughout all Europe, cats were sacrificed to the subterranean gods, as a peculiarly effective means of coming into communication with the powers of darkness.

“Allan Maclean continued his sacrifice to the fourth day, when he was exhausted both in body and mind, and sunk in a swoon; but, from this day he received the second-sight to the time of his death, as also did his assistant. In the people, the belief was unshaken, that the second-sight was the natural consequence of celebrating the Taigheirm.” [15]

At this point in his narrative, Lloyd elected to quote Horst: “The infernal spirits appeared; some in the early progress of the sacrifices, in the shape of black cats. The first glared at the sacrificers and cried ‘Lachlain Oer’ [Injurer of Cats]. Allan, the chief operator, warned Lachlain, whatever he might see or hear, not to waiver, but to keep the spit incessantly turning. At length, the cat of monstrous size appeared; and, after it had set up a horrible howl, said to Lachlain Oer, that if he did not cease before their largest brother came, he would never see the face of God.

Fire Cat

“Lachlain answered, that he would not cease till he had finished his work, if all the devils in hell came. At the end of the fourth day, there sat on the end of the beam, in the roof of the barn, a black cat with fire-flaming eyes, and there was heard a terrific howl, quite across the straits of Mull, into Morven.”

Lloyd himself then continued: “Allan was wholly exhausted on the fourth day, from the horrible apparitions, and could only utter the word ‘Prosperity.’ But Lachlain, though the younger, was stronger of spirit, and perfectly self-possessed. He demanded posterity and wealth, and each of them received that which he has asked for.

“When Allan lay on his death-bed, and his Christian friends pressed round him, and bade him beware of the stratagems of the devil, he replied with great courage, that if Lachlain Oer, who was already dead, and he, had been able a little longer to have carried their weapons, they would have driven Satan himself from his throne, and, at all events, would have caught the best birds in his kingdom.

“When the funeral of Allen reached the churchyard, the persons endowed with second-sight saw at some distance Lachlain Oer, standing fully armed at the head of a host of black cats, and everyone could perceive the smell of brimstone which streamed from those cats. Allan’s effigy, in complete armour, is carved on his tomb, and his name is yet linked with the memory of the Taigheirm.

“Shortly before that time also, Cameron of Lochiel performed a Taigheirm, and received from the infernal spirits a small silver shoe, which was to be put on the left foot of each new-born son of his family, and from which he would receive courage and fortitude in the presence of his enemies; a custom which continued till 1746, when his house was consumed by fire. This shoe fitted all the boys of his family but one, who fled before the enemy at Sheriff Muir, he having inherited a larger foot from his mother, who was of another clan. The word Taigheirm means an armoury, as well as the cry of cats, according as it is pronounced.”

In 1922, Carl Van Vechten commented on this particularly nightmarish ritual in a footnote contained in his book The Tiger in the House. It reads: “The night of the day I first learned of the Taigheirm I dined with some friends who were also entertaining Seumas, Chief of Clann Fhearghuis of Stra-chur. He informed me that to the best of his knowledge the Taigheirm is still celebrated in the Highlands of Scotland.”

Could it be the case that the Taigheirm still exists today? Certainly, I have heard such rumors, which makes me wonder deeply about the true nature of at least some of those ABCs of the UK…


By  Nick Redfern


The stuff of nightmares: paranormal entities or alien invasion.

Welcome to the world of extraterrestrial medicine animals and the Trickster who can shape-shift while being pursued. It is more than mythology. A shape-shifter thought to be an adept shaman who has the ability to change form is more likely to be an extraterrestrial entity able to masquerade as a human being. Are there also animals visiting us from other dimensions who can appear to be creatures of Earth? Can they live in two worlds?

There have been sightings of big cats out of their habitats in North America, France, Germany, and in England. Christian Macé wrote about the tigers being seen in Amiens, France. One witness reported seeing “tigers, panthers, and cougars” in the Amiens area. Macé quoted Fabrica Kircher`s theory that the big cats arrived here from another dimension as through a vortex. His accounts of the inter-dimensional train stations at and near Turns, France are proof that tears in our dimension exist in Europe as they do in Uinta, Utah at Skinwalker Ranch.

It is interesting to note that historically in rural France, the cat was associated with the corn harvest. A pet cat would be regaled in ribbons and flowers during the harvest. In Amiens specifically, one of these cats would be sacrificed at that time (“Man, Myth, and Majic” – Cats). Is there an association between the big cats sighted at Amiens and the history of their involvement with house cats in this way?

In Britain, big cats have been reportedly spotted since the 1950s. From the 1970s onward fifty to one hundred more have been seen. A black puma appeared in 2006 and was witnessed by some members of the Northumbria University staff. In Lincolnshire, leaping black felines as large as Labrador Retrievers have startled travelers in the woods. There have been 102 sightings with remaining kills, paw prints, and videos as evidence of their existence. In 2005 near Hartlepool, England, two brothers observed a gorilla-shaped animal in a clearing where tawny cougars had been spotted. Hartlepool is halfway up the east coast of Britain close to the Scottish border. When large pumas are seen in a forest which is not part of their normal habitat and there is also a sighting of a gorilla-like (Bigfoot?) creature, it could be a clue that these are materialized tulpoidal forms, that is paranormal UFO related entities similar to the M.I.Bs., the Men in Black.

There is a debate over the nature of Bigfoot, whether he is a biological animal belonging only to this earth, or whether he is an inter-dimensional being. One witness was held captive by a family of Bigfoots which is evidence that they do reproduce in nature. Another sighting by a wilderness housewife was of a “Bigfoot running…he was wearing a glowing blue belt and was carrying a sheep.” That experience is testimony that Bigfoot is of the latter classification, an inter-dimensional entity. There have also been reports of “self-luminous Swamp Apes” which add validity to this theory.

The historic paranormal black dogs of England (“Black Shuck”) usually had supernatural characteristics and death often followed a sighting. It is the opinion of John Burton, Chief Executive Officer of the World Land Trust, that the spectral hounds “simply metamorphosed into the large Labrador-sized black cats.” The black dogs were known to appear along the Ley-lines and at hedgerows. The famed “Lindsey Leopard” of 2004 has still not been explained.

“Black panthers” are actually melanistic (black melanin pigment) African leopards or South American black melanistic jaguars. The cougar/puma/panther does not have a black melanistic form. Nature books about the world`s big cats mention sightings of “black panthers” in North America, but none have ever been captured. Wildlife biologists assert that the pumas ranging on this continent have been tagged, collared, and tracked by satellite. Rangers in both America and Europe find it strange that hunters do not spot the black cats during hunting season.

Panthera Atrox

In the Pleistocene era 10,000 years ago, there were lions in America. These were maned lions who were larger and darker than their African cousins. The females were black. Fossils of these lions have been discovered from Alaska to Peru, and from Nebraska to Florida. As with other anomalous animals such as Bigfoot and Lake Monsters, the large black mystery cats were thought to be extinct. These creatures exist in the fossil record. The power animal of shamanic author Carlos Casteneda was a fossil cat. Carlos was in Los Angeles and his ally was a black Saber-Tooth Tiger. If a black panther is reported, it is probably the female of the species, the male would have a rough or mane. The jury is still out concerning the black panthers of North America and of Europe. They remain classified as “melanistic felid cryptids”- black mystery cats. Could it be that the paranormal European black dogs have shape-shifted into the black mystery cats?

On Uinta`s Skinwalker Ranch, the paranormal animals are bullet proof. Bigfoots have been reported to whine when shot, but they recover. For generations Native American hunters have said that their arrows go right through these types of creatures and that they are not subject to shamantic control as a normal animal ally would be.

Vision Questers

The late great John Mack wrote that the “ET aliens are consummate shape-shifters” who appear to seekers on vision quests and to contactees as large-eyed animals. Many times under hypnosis a witness will recall their UFO “screen-memory” of a deer, panther, eagle or an owl during an encounter. “The horse with the big dark eyes” was the memory of one contactee. These power animals have one thing in common, their eyes are recalled as being abnormally large and black.

Mack revealed a black panther memory during the regression of one of his male abductees. The subject related that he was a Native American of the Susquehannock tribe before the time of the white man. His name was “Panther-by-the-Creek”, named for the black panther who was seen at the time of his birth. The brave thought it significant that he saw the black panther again after being returned from an alien encounter. This account presents the paranormal black panther in a UFO context, known to the tribe as an auspicious animal.

Spectral Cats

Cryptozoologists who search for rare animals debate whether their field should include these out-of-place animals, feral, as well as animal ghosts and apparitions. As Fabrica Kircher of France has written of the panthers seen near Amiens, “They travel in other dimensions and are invisible to us.” These animals can vanish into thin air just as the Uinta entities do.

The following is a personal experience of a “sensitive” Arizona woman who has the ability to sometimes see the spirits of human beings, she never knows when they might show up. One night she entered her Phoenix apartment kitchen and was confronted by a 4 foot tall white translucent entity with a cat-like hollow-eyed face. It had long clawed fingers and powerful back legs like a kangaroo. It crouched as if to spring at her, at which point she shut herself into her bedroom with her children. She spent the entire night there in her room with the lights on, praying. In the morning, the creature was gone. The ghastly ghost-faced runners of New Mexico who keep pace with speeding patrol cars have the same pale hollow-eyed look. To run as fast as they do, they must have powerful back legs.

Could the ghost cat be the invisible being that scratches the victims of hauntings with parallel marks that resemble cat scratches? The residents of haunted houses may be dealing with animal rather than human ghosts or beings. There are many types of alien and ghost animals in the other dimension.


During the writing of this article, a cougar was seen at Tucson`s Steele school down the road. This was a rare sighting and the first one to be spotted so close to town. Yesterday my sister wrote that her Durango, Colorado neighbor had observed a large wild black feline on her property. Wildlife experts told her that it is called a “Jaguarundi” and was thought to be extinct in that area. It may have come down from the mountains because of the forest fires.


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The Hexham Heads

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It was 1972, and at the Robson family home in Hexham, only ten minutes walk away from where the legendary Wolf of Allendale had roamed the woods, the two young Robson brothers dug up two small, carved stone heads whilst they were tending the garden.

Several nights after the discovery of the stone heads, neighbour Ellen Dodd and her daughter were sitting up late one evening when both of them witnessed a “half-man, half beast” entering the bedroom. The pair screamed in terror but, the creature seemed indifferent to them and simply left the room, heard to be “padding down the stairs as if on its hind legs” . Later on, the front door was found open. It has been thought that the creature had been in search of something, and had left the house to continue searching elsewhere.1

Interest in the local legend of The Wolf of Allendale was rekindled by this event and the stone heads became associated with the possible re-appearance of the wolf.

The two stone heads, each about the size of an orange, were thought to be Celtic in origin and collector Dr Anne Ross took possession of the heads, as she had several other stone heads in her collection and wished to compare them to the Hexham pair. A few nights after taking possession of the heads, Dr Ross awoke at 2am one morning, feeling cold and frightened. Looking up, she saw a strange creature standing in her bedroom doorway:

“It was about six feet high, slightly stooping, and it was black, against the white door, and it was half animal and half man. The upper part, I would have said, was a wolf, and the lower part was human and, I would have again said, that it was covered with a kind of black, very dark fur. It went out and I just saw it clearly, and then it disappeared, and something made me run after it, a thing I wouldn’t normally have done, but I felt compelled to run after it. I got out of bed and I ran, and I could hear it going down the stairs, then it disappeared towards the back of the house.”

Living and working in Southampton, Dr Ross knew nothing of The Wolf of Allendale legend and the association of The Hexham Heads with the possible return of the wolf and, she attributed the experience to a nightmare. Dr Ross came home with her archaeologist husband Richard Feacham one day, only to find their teenage daughter Berenice in a distressed state. Berenice explained that she had used her key to unlock the front door and entered the house that afternoon to witness a large, black shape rushing down the stairs; halfway downstairs the creature vaulted the bannister, landing with a soft, heavy thud like a large animal with padded feet.

Believing the presence of the stone heads to be responsible for these events, Dr Ross passed on her whole collection of stone heads, along with the Hexham pair to other collectors. The Hexham Heads found their way to the British Museum for public display, though were soon removed from display and mothballed, amid reports of unsettling events associated with the heads.

There have been claims that The Hexham Heads were not Celtic in origin and had simply been carved as toys by the previous occupants of the Robson family home only twenty years previously, and had subsequently become lost in the garden. It has also been said that the heads were examined by the Universities of Newcastle and Southampton for dating. For now, the current whereabouts of The Hexham Heads remains unknown. Despite this, the legend of The Hexham Heads and its association with The Wolf of Allendale has become a cornerstone of the local folklore of the area.

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Neil Boothman

Strange UFO Observed Over Kentucky Remains Unexplained

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On Tuesday, October 21, a strange UFO was observed in the skies over Pike County and Virgie, Kentucky, USA. The object’s origin remains unexplained for the moment.

The unknown flying object was seen over several places by a number of people. Among them was amateur astronomer Allen Epling who filmed the object with his telescope.

“This object is like nothing I have ever seen before,” Epling says. At first he thought it was a helicopter or a plane, but when he looked through his binoculars he was stunned.

Very soon it became clear this was no helicopter or plane. Epling photographed the object for two and half hours in the air until it eventually vanished out of sight.


This strange UFO was filmed by amateaur astronomer Allan Epling. Image credit: Allan Epling
During his sighting, the Kentucky State Police received a number of calls from people who were puzzled by the strange flying object in the cloudless sky.


Puzzling object in the skies over Kentucky. Image credit: Allan Epling

Allan Epling was able to film the object for more than two hours before it vanished. Video credit: Allan Epling
According to witnesses’ reports the UFO hovered roughly in the same location for over 2 hours, not drifting more than 10 degrees in any direction. It was sighted approximately 60 degrees above the horizon.

Allan Epling and the local newspaper made calls to the Air Force and to local airports, but so far no-one has claimed responsibility for the object and it remains unidentified.