Alien Big Cats – Paranormal Panthers – Shape-shifters?

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The stuff of nightmares: paranormal entities or alien invasion.

Welcome to the world of extraterrestrial medicine animals and the Trickster who can shape-shift while being pursued. It is more than mythology. A shape-shifter thought to be an adept shaman who has the ability to change form is more likely to be an extraterrestrial entity able to masquerade as a human being. Are there also animals visiting us from other dimensions who can appear to be creatures of Earth? Can they live in two worlds?

There have been sightings of big cats out of their habitats in North America, France, Germany, and in England. Christian Macé wrote about the tigers being seen in Amiens, France. One witness reported seeing “tigers, panthers, and cougars” in the Amiens area. Macé quoted Fabrica Kircher`s theory that the big cats arrived here from another dimension as through a vortex. His accounts of the inter-dimensional train stations at and near Turns, France are proof that tears in our dimension exist in Europe as they do in Uinta, Utah at Skinwalker Ranch.

It is interesting to note that historically in rural France, the cat was associated with the corn harvest. A pet cat would be regaled in ribbons and flowers during the harvest. In Amiens specifically, one of these cats would be sacrificed at that time (“Man, Myth, and Majic” – Cats). Is there an association between the big cats sighted at Amiens and the history of their involvement with house cats in this way?

In Britain, big cats have been reportedly spotted since the 1950s. From the 1970s onward fifty to one hundred more have been seen. A black puma appeared in 2006 and was witnessed by some members of the Northumbria University staff. In Lincolnshire, leaping black felines as large as Labrador Retrievers have startled travelers in the woods. There have been 102 sightings with remaining kills, paw prints, and videos as evidence of their existence. In 2005 near Hartlepool, England, two brothers observed a gorilla-shaped animal in a clearing where tawny cougars had been spotted. Hartlepool is halfway up the east coast of Britain close to the Scottish border. When large pumas are seen in a forest which is not part of their normal habitat and there is also a sighting of a gorilla-like (Bigfoot?) creature, it could be a clue that these are materialized tulpoidal forms, that is paranormal UFO related entities similar to the M.I.Bs., the Men in Black.

There is a debate over the nature of Bigfoot, whether he is a biological animal belonging only to this earth, or whether he is an inter-dimensional being. One witness was held captive by a family of Bigfoots which is evidence that they do reproduce in nature. Another sighting by a wilderness housewife was of a “Bigfoot running…he was wearing a glowing blue belt and was carrying a sheep.” That experience is testimony that Bigfoot is of the latter classification, an inter-dimensional entity. There have also been reports of “self-luminous Swamp Apes” which add validity to this theory.

The historic paranormal black dogs of England (“Black Shuck”) usually had supernatural characteristics and death often followed a sighting. It is the opinion of John Burton, Chief Executive Officer of the World Land Trust, that the spectral hounds “simply metamorphosed into the large Labrador-sized black cats.” The black dogs were known to appear along the Ley-lines and at hedgerows. The famed “Lindsey Leopard” of 2004 has still not been explained.

“Black panthers” are actually melanistic (black melanin pigment) African leopards or South American black melanistic jaguars. The cougar/puma/panther does not have a black melanistic form. Nature books about the world`s big cats mention sightings of “black panthers” in North America, but none have ever been captured. Wildlife biologists assert that the pumas ranging on this continent have been tagged, collared, and tracked by satellite. Rangers in both America and Europe find it strange that hunters do not spot the black cats during hunting season.

Panthera Atrox

In the Pleistocene era 10,000 years ago, there were lions in America. These were maned lions who were larger and darker than their African cousins. The females were black. Fossils of these lions have been discovered from Alaska to Peru, and from Nebraska to Florida. As with other anomalous animals such as Bigfoot and Lake Monsters, the large black mystery cats were thought to be extinct. These creatures exist in the fossil record. The power animal of shamanic author Carlos Casteneda was a fossil cat. Carlos was in Los Angeles and his ally was a black Saber-Tooth Tiger. If a black panther is reported, it is probably the female of the species, the male would have a rough or mane. The jury is still out concerning the black panthers of North America and of Europe. They remain classified as “melanistic felid cryptids”- black mystery cats. Could it be that the paranormal European black dogs have shape-shifted into the black mystery cats?

On Uinta`s Skinwalker Ranch, the paranormal animals are bullet proof. Bigfoots have been reported to whine when shot, but they recover. For generations Native American hunters have said that their arrows go right through these types of creatures and that they are not subject to shamantic control as a normal animal ally would be.

Vision Questers

The late great John Mack wrote that the “ET aliens are consummate shape-shifters” who appear to seekers on vision quests and to contactees as large-eyed animals. Many times under hypnosis a witness will recall their UFO “screen-memory” of a deer, panther, eagle or an owl during an encounter. “The horse with the big dark eyes” was the memory of one contactee. These power animals have one thing in common, their eyes are recalled as being abnormally large and black.

Mack revealed a black panther memory during the regression of one of his male abductees. The subject related that he was a Native American of the Susquehannock tribe before the time of the white man. His name was “Panther-by-the-Creek”, named for the black panther who was seen at the time of his birth. The brave thought it significant that he saw the black panther again after being returned from an alien encounter. This account presents the paranormal black panther in a UFO context, known to the tribe as an auspicious animal.

Spectral Cats

Cryptozoologists who search for rare animals debate whether their field should include these out-of-place animals, feral, as well as animal ghosts and apparitions. As Fabrica Kircher of France has written of the panthers seen near Amiens, “They travel in other dimensions and are invisible to us.” These animals can vanish into thin air just as the Uinta entities do.

The following is a personal experience of a “sensitive” Arizona woman who has the ability to sometimes see the spirits of human beings, she never knows when they might show up. One night she entered her Phoenix apartment kitchen and was confronted by a 4 foot tall white translucent entity with a cat-like hollow-eyed face. It had long clawed fingers and powerful back legs like a kangaroo. It crouched as if to spring at her, at which point she shut herself into her bedroom with her children. She spent the entire night there in her room with the lights on, praying. In the morning, the creature was gone. The ghastly ghost-faced runners of New Mexico who keep pace with speeding patrol cars have the same pale hollow-eyed look. To run as fast as they do, they must have powerful back legs.

Could the ghost cat be the invisible being that scratches the victims of hauntings with parallel marks that resemble cat scratches? The residents of haunted houses may be dealing with animal rather than human ghosts or beings. There are many types of alien and ghost animals in the other dimension.


During the writing of this article, a cougar was seen at Tucson`s Steele school down the road. This was a rare sighting and the first one to be spotted so close to town. Yesterday my sister wrote that her Durango, Colorado neighbor had observed a large wild black feline on her property. Wildlife experts told her that it is called a “Jaguarundi” and was thought to be extinct in that area. It may have come down from the mountains because of the forest fires.


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