This blog is about the the beginnings of everything from Blackholes and superstring theory, to the cosmologies of different cultures and the Gods/Godesses they represent. Including the Anunnaki, Neteru, Elohim, Watchers, and various other names given in many varied ancient texts.

Current Earth changes, Earth Crust Displacement theory, Earthquakes, pole shift, planet x/Nibiru/Destroyer/Marduk/Herculobus/Nemesis/Dark star and many other names that are given to the cataclysm that is supposed to cause much destruction and devastation on this planet.

Many Authors will be accessed, discussed and posted. Along the way covering ancient text, esoteric, exoteric, philosophy, history, and many subjects.

Conspiracy theories will be looked at and challenged , using science and sound logic to dismiss, agree with or box as need more evidence…and you the viewers will be helping along the way to add your thoughts, and share your knowledge to make this task easier.

Also, if you are a facebook member, enjoy the facebook group;  http://www.facebook.com/groups/114942665262958/

and the facebook page Anunnaki http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anunnaki/207161169302168?fref=ts

The above link is to our forum
Also the website costs money in updates and development. To maintain it being free, or asking for donations. Please click the ads, as this generates income, that will be put back into this website. Many thanks.

Lastly please enjoy the blog……Nox

  1. phaedra Prognatus says:


  2. jasmine says:


  3. Sophia says:

    Interesting stuff! I look forward to your blogs!

  4. Very excited to find your blog. Looking forward to your stories

  5. Smoky says:

    Too everybody else who knows about the “Anunnaki”. Help me to bring this message out to the rest of the world! I am an independent artist from Norway. Please watch my video about the “Anunnaki”, and help me give this message to the rest of the people out there that doesnt know about the truth!

  6. Pretty awesome blog, Nox. 😉 I will look more around and see if there’s anything I can contribute.

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