Watchers from Eden?

Posted: March 19, 2017 by noxprognatus in Anunnaki, Illuminism, Spirituality

Ok so you are all familiar with the Anunnaki. Some Authors have portrayed these beings as being Aliens from outer space. The truth could not be further from that, but rest assured the truth is no less intriguing. How about the Anunnaki , instead of being Aliens from outer space , were Angels or Watchers as they became known as from the book of Enoch. Yes these Angels , or actually Gods before they were relegated to Angels by the Monotheism of contemporary religion. Yes, the Anunnaki are the pagan Gods of old , of renown. Have a look at the researcher Andrew Collins and his thoughts both on the Anunnaki and the site known as Gobekli Tepe. It seems Angels were on Earth in those days…..

It is time to rethink Monotheism and embark on the religion of the Angels, you may call it Angelism…


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