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He’s not the enemy of God, his name really isn’t Lucifer and he isn’t even evil. And as far as leading Adam and Eve astray, that was a bad rap stemming from a case of mistaken identity.

“There’s little or no evidence in the Bible for most of the characteristics and deeds commonly attributed to Satan,” insists a UCLA professor with four decades in what he describes as “the devil business.”

In “Satan: A Biography” (Cambridge Press), Henry Ansgar Kelly puts forth the most comprehensive case ever made for sympathy for the devil, arguing that the Bible actually provides a kinder, gentler version of the infamous antagonist than typically thought.

“A strict reading of the Bible shows Satan to be less like Darth Vader and more and more like an overzealous prosecutor,” said Kelly, a UCLA professor emeritus of English and the former director of the university’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. “He’s not so much the proud and angry figure who turns away from God as [he is] a Joseph McCarthy or J. Edgar Hoover. Satan’s basic intention is to uncover wrongdoing and treachery, however overzealous and unscrupulous the means. But he’s still part of God’s administration.”

The view runs in opposition to the beliefs held by many Christians and others about key religious concepts like original sin and the nature of good and evil.

“If Satan isn’t really in opposition to God and he isn’t really evil, then that means the fight between good and evil isn’t an authentic part of Christianity,” Kelly said. “What I’m saying will be scandalous to some people.”

But what would you expect of someone’s whose 72nd birthday fell this year on June 6 (06-06-06) and who felt disappointed when nothing momentous occurred that day? Actually, Kelly is no stranger to bubble-bursting. After digging deep into the history of Valentine’s Day, he pronounced 20 years ago that he had not only uncovered the holiday’s origins but that it should be celebrated in May, not February.

Still, if Kelly could be considered scandalous, it’s not because he doesn’t know any better. Kelly started his academic career at a Jesuit seminary and was ordained in four of the seven holy orders on the way to the priesthood, including the order of exorcist.

“It was at that time that I started my campaign to rehabilitate the devil — to deliver him from evil, as it were,” Kelly said.

“Satan: A Biography” is the culmination of more than 40 years of research into the devil and religious and cultural traditions that have grown up around him. The book is Kelly’s third on the topic.

When it comes to the Old Testament, Kelly insists that Satan’s profile is considerably lower than commonly thought and significantly less menacing. By Kelly’s count, Satan only appears three times in the 45 books that make up the pre-Christian scriptures, the best known being in the Book of Job. On each occasion, Satan is still firmly part of what Kelly calls “God’s administration,” and his activities are done at the behest of “the Big Guy.” But his actions aren’t evil so much as consistent with the translation of “devil” and “satan,” which literally mean “adversary” in Greek and Hebrew, respectively.

“His job is to test people’s virtue and to report their failures,” Kelly said.

Perhaps most surprising is not the figure Satan cuts, but his notable absences in the Old Testament. In the Bible’s first reference to Lucifer, for instance, Satan doesn’t appear — even by implication, Kelly points out. “‘Lucifer’ is Latin for light-bearer,” he said, and was the name given to the morning star, or the planet Venus. Originally written in ancient Hebrew, the passage, on face value, refers to the tyrannical Babylonian king who boasts of his conquests but who is “about to be cast to the ground.” Kelly insists there’s nothing more to the reference than an apt use of metaphor, but the third-century Christian philosopher Origen of Alexandria argued in his best known work, “On First Things,” that the reference applied to Satan.

“Origen says, ‘Lucifer is said to have fallen from Heaven,'” Kelly explained. “‘This can’t refer to a human being, so it must refer to Satan.’ Subsequent church fathers found this reasoning persuasive, and so did everyone who followed them.”

Ironically, the only mentions of Lucifer in the New Testament — and there are three of them — refer to Jesus, Kelly said. “Jesus is called ‘Lucifer’ or ‘the morning star’ because he represents a new beginning.”

Another prominent omission in the Old Testament, Kelly said, can be found in Genesis. “Nobody in the Old Testament — or, for that matter, in the New Testament either — ever identifies the serpent of Eden with Satan,” Kelly said. “The serpent is just the smartest animal, and he’s motivated by envy after being jilted by Adam for Eve.”

Kelly traces the correlation of Satan and the serpent to not long after the New Testament was completed. In his “Dialogue With Trypho,” the second-century Christian martyr Justin of Samaria first argued that Satan appeared as a serpent to tempt Adam and Eve to disobey God, according to Kelly.

“This is what I call ‘The New Biography,'” Kelly said. “It starts with Justin Martyr, who implicates Satan in the fall of Adam and Eve. By causing Adam and Eve to fall, Satan caused his own fall.

“The second step in this new and phony biography comes with Origen, who said, ‘No, Satan’s first sin was not deceiving Adam and Eve or refusing to go along with God’s plan of creating Adam in his own image,'” Kelly said. “‘It was to sin out of pride like the morning star, like Lucifer in the passage from Isaiah.’ Turning Satan into God’s enemy is a two-step process.”

Meanwhile, in passages in Luke, Matthew, Corinthians and elsewhere in the New Testament, Satan continues to act as a tester, enforcer and prosecutor but not as God’s enemy, Kelly points out.

“Everyone else has said that by the time Satan gets to the New Testament, he is evil, he’s an enemy of God, but that’s not so,” Kelly said. “The whole biblical picture of Satan is that of a bad cop to Yaweh’s good cop in the Old Testament, and to Jesus’ good cop in the New Testament. Throughout, Satan is someone who works for God.”

A scene in the New Testament’s Book of Revelation is often cited today as evidence that Satan was the deceiver of Adam and Eve, but the interpretation stems from a fundamental misunderstanding, Kelly argues.

“‘That ancient serpent’ refers to the giant sea serpent Leviathan, not the garden snake of Eden,” he said. “In Revelation, Leviathan has morphed into a dragon, or large serpent, with the seven heads and 10 horns, which is still further removed from the seductive serpent who deceived Eve.”

In addition to linking Satan with the Garden of Eden, the passage from Revelation also has been used to prove that Satan fell early on in the Bible, but Kelly insists that is not accurate.

“Satan’s ouster from heaven in Revelation is explained as taking place in the future,” Kelly said. “In Revelation 12:10, a voice says that ‘the accuser of our brothers is cast out, overcome by the testimony of martyrs.’ Since there were no martyrs until Christ died, that has to be in the future.”

Similarly, a passage in the Gospel of Luke, when Jesus reports having seen “Satan fall like lightning,” has been misinterpreted, according to Kelly. “Jesus saw the fall in the past because he had the vision the day before he describes it to the apostles,” Kelly said. “But Jesus is referring to a future fall [of Satan] from his position as God’s attorney general.”

This is not to say, however, that Kelly contends that Satan is likeable.

“Jesus doesn’t like him, and Paul doesn’t like him,” Kelly explained. “He represents the old guard in the heavenly bureaucracy, and everyone longs for him to be disbarred as the chief accuser of humankind.”

Source: UCLA

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Brotherhood of the Snake

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 Brotherhood of the Snake
2680 BCThe symbol for Enki was a snake.Enki had founded the Brotherhood of the Snake. It sought to give humans advancedspiritual knowledge that would liberate them from spiritual bondage on Earth.When we look to discover who founded the Brotherhood, Mesopotamian texts point right back to Prince Enki.
Enki was described as good-hearted in regard to human beings. Heopposed the cruelties that other Anunnaki rulers, such as Enlil, inflicted upon humans.

 Brotherhood of the Snake symbolThe teachings of the Brotherhood in ancient Egypt were carried out in Mystery Schools.The Mystery Schools provided the priests and pharaohs with their spiritual education.The first temple built for use by the Mystery Schools was erected by Pharaoh Cheops in2680 BC.Brotherhood teachings were arranged as a step-by-step process. A student was required tocomplete one level of instruction before proceeding to the next higher one. Pupils took anoath of secrecy to not reveal the teachings of a level to anyone who had not yet graduatedup to that level.Despite all of their reported good intentions, Enki and the early Brotherhood clearlyfailed to free the human race. Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts relate that the”snake” was quickly defeated by other Anunnaki factions.Enki was banished to Earth and was villainized by his opponents to ensure that he couldnever again secure a widespread following among humans. Enki’s title was changed from”Prince of Earth” to “Prince of Darkness”. He was labeled other horrible names: Satan,the Devil, Evil Incarnate, Monarch of Hell, Lord of Vermin, Prince of Liars, and more.He was portrayed as the mortal enemy of the Supreme Being and as the keeper of Hell.The early Brotherhood of the Snake, after its reported defeat, came under the dominationof the very Anunnaki factions that Enki and the original Brotherhood opposed.The Brotherhood of the Snake was taken over and its teachings were corrupted by theAnunnaki who wanted to keep humans in a slave state and under their control.The Gods of Eden by William Bramley Note:The author, William Bramley is not giving specifics here. What specific Mesopotamianand Egyptian texts state that Enki started the Brotherhood of the Snake? In order to sayits teachings were corrupted, you would have to know what the original teachings were.Bramley does not say what the original teachings were.

 Note:The Emerald Tablets of Thoth reveal data promoted by the Brotherhood. See Doreal atthe 1930 AD time track entry.2680 BCBrotherhood of the SnakeSatanism predates Christianity and all other religionsSatan is our True Creator God. Satan is the Anunnaki God Enki.The Magnum Opus (Great Work) is what Satanism is about – humanity reaching physicaland spiritual perfection. Satanism is about elevating humanity to reach equality with theGods, which was Satan’s intention.Enki’s symbol is the serpent.There has been a war over humanity in which Satan wishes to give us the knowledge toelevate ourselves to physical and spiritual perfection, while the enemy wants to keep usspiritually ignorant. Satan is depicted below, intervening to assist chained humans

 An old painting by Edward Burney from Paradise LostAnother name for Enki is Lucifer. Lucifer brings light – he is the bringer of knowledge.The morning sun brings men awake from the darkness of sleep. In order to be victimized,one must be unknowing. Lucifer brings knowledge and enlightenment.Lucifer is the liberator of humanity. He does not fear humans having spiritual power andknowledge. Lucifer gives us the knowledge to become independent and free. He directsus to be masters of our own lives.Lucifer stands for freedom, strength, power, and justice. He shows us that we aredeserving of happiness and a better life.Enki/Lucifer/Satan established the Ancient Egyptian Order of the Serpent, also known asthe Brotherhood of the Snake. This Order was to bring humanity godly knowledge and power and to complete the Great Work of transforming our souls.Another Anunnaki God (Enlil) is attempting to prevent Enki from finishing his work onhumanity – the attainment of physical and spiritual perfection.Through the millennia, the teachings have been corrupted and no longer resemble theoriginal doctrines.Enlil introduced monotheistic religions, such as the Jewish and Christian religions. These

introduced the lie that there is only one Annunaki god and attacked the Brotherhood. Theintention is to keep humans spiritually ignorant and in servitude as a slave race.Judeaism, Christianity, and other monotheistic religions stand for servitude and slaveryand program humanity to be the perfect slaves in a new world order.Christians rant concerning the “one world order” where all liberties will be lost and allhumanity will be in a one-world slave state. They fail to see how their own monotheisticreligion has always been the roots of and blueprint for this regime.The Lost Book of Enki; Memoires of an Extra-Terrestrial God by Zecharia SitchinCassel Dictionary of Witchcraft by David PickeringSatan Wants You by Arthur LyonsThe Biography of Satan by Kersey GravesJoy of Satan Ministry  Note:Enki was not called Satan at this point in time. The word Satan was invented much later.

 Pyramid of the MoonQuetzalcoatl and his followers abandoned Teotihuacan around 200 BC.The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin
 Brotherhood of the Snake Further Corrupted;
1379 BCThe Hebrews were camped near the Jordan River facing Jericho. It was time for theHebrews to enter Canaan and take over the Promised Land.Moses died and Yahweh told Joshua to lead the Hebrews into Canaan. As Joshua led theHebrews in their attack on Canaan, Yahweh helped by toppling the walls of Jericho.The children of Isra-el took over Canaan and established Kingdoms there in 1379 BC. 

 The tribe of Judah created the Kingdom of Judah. North of it was the Kingdom of Israel. The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia SitchinEncyclopedia of the Orient 1379 BCIn 1379 B.C., just as the Hebrews were entering Canaan, a new Pharaoh changed hisname to Akhenaten and began to worship one god – Aten.
The Israelites in Egypt called their God Adon. The Egyptian name for Adon was Aten -from which derived the name of Pharaoh Akhenaten (Servant of Aten).Egyptian tradition was the worship of many Annunnaki “gods”. Akhenaten accepted theworship of only one god, Aten. Aten was the god of the Hebrews – Enlil/Yahweh.
 Akhenaten was particularly interested in suppressing the worship of Amen-Ra (Marduk
After Akhenaten died the priests of Amen-Ra demolished the temples of Aten and Egyptreturned to the worship of its traditional Anunnaki “gods”.
 Akhenaton had relocated the main temple of the Brotherhood to the city of El Amarna.There, corruption of the spiritual knowledge of the Brotherhood of the Snake continued.Akhenaton transformed Brotherhood teachings into mystical symbols. The intention wasto create a secret code to make spiritual knowledge unattainable to everyone except thoseadmitted into the increasingly elite Brotherhood.The Mystery Schools not only twisted spiritual knowledge, they restricted public accessto any theological truths still surviving. Only the pharoahs, priests, and a few othersdeemed worthy were accepted into the Mystery Schools.The corrupted Brotherhood of the Snake expanded by sending out from Egyptmissionaries who established Brotherhood branches throughout the civilized world.These Brotherhood emissaries widely disseminated the Brotherhood’s new “one God”religion and eventually made monotheism the dominant theology throughout the world.History records that they used extraordinary violence to make humans believe the fictionof Brotherhood monotheism. The purpose of this fiction was to enforce human obedienceand to maintain control over the human population.To maintain Homo sapiens as a slave race, the corrupted Brotherhood of the Snake has bred never-ending conflict between human beings, has promoted human spiritual decay,and has created conditions on Earth to make physical survival an all-consuming chore.
Akhenaton(Note: put in wikipedia data on Akhenaton worshipping the sun)The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin
Website of historian and author Laurence Gardner 
The Gods of Eden by William Bramley

 Note:Monotheism introduced a lie. It preached that there was only one Anunnaki “God” andthat he was the Creator of All. The truth was that there were many Anunnaki Lords andnone of them are the Creator of All.1336 BCPharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amen was king of Egypt from 1336 – 1327 BC. Under Tutankhamenthe temples of Aten were demolished and Egypt returned to the worship of its traditionalAnunnaki gods.Tutankhamun – Cairo Museum
The tomb of Tutankhamun has a depiction in vivid colors of a rocket ship.Encyclopedia of the OrientThe Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchinc. 1300 BCAround 1300 BC the idea of just worshiping one god had been presented to the Hebrews but there was still an acceptance of the gods of other peoples.Encyclopedia of the Orient.

Out of the original Brotherhood came Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, The Knight Templars, Ordo Templi Orientis, Knights of Malta and more. They all knew, on the highest grades, the truth about the origin of man and that we all are spiritual beings and thus immortal. They know God is the REAL and only source, but they distorted that power as we let them deceive us and used the power of God that we have inside of us for their evil purposes. This knowledge is a very well kept secret and they have done everything in their power to hide the truth from people, and one must say they succeeded quite well. People who for some reason or another have stumbled upon the road to truth has either been ridiculed, slandered or even killed. 


Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811) basically a Jew, converted to become a Catholic Priest and ended up starting a “new” secret society called the Illuminati. Actually it was not new at the time; it’s been there long before then, but during Weishaupt’s lifetime this organization was revealed publicly. It’s unclear if he was the master-mind behind it, but most researchers, including me, are more or less certain that Weishaupt was just a puppet for the Elite of the Freemasons

The Freemasons had recently started a new branch of Freemasonry – Freemasonry of the Scottish Rite with its 33 degrees of initiation. It’s still today one of the most powerful secret societies, including members within high politics, religious leaders, businessmen and other “useful” persons. Things point in the direction that Weishaupt was sponsored by the Rothschilds, who then were (and are) the heads of Freemasonry. 

The Illuminati had its own grades ABOVE (or rather beside) the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. Even persons who were initiated to the higher degrees of Freemasonry had no knowledge of the Illuminati grades – it was that secret. Up there Weishaupt planned the take-over of the planet, and he made up distinct targets for a One World Government and a New World Order. All this was written down in something called the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion“, with an evil purpose to put the blame on the Jews(!) if something would leak. 

And it did leak! A courier for the Illuminati was struck by lightning when he rode over a field and the Protocols were found, where the takeover was carefully written down. This was in The 1770’s. Weishaupt and hisIlluminati “Brothers” had to flee and work underground, as their organization was banned. It was decided that the name Illuminati should never be used officially again, but front groups should be used to fulfill the purpose of world domination, with the rest of the population made into slaves. One of the front groups were the Freemasons, who had a better reputation … 

It is believed that Weishaupt was killed by his Freemason Brothers, as he was unable to keep his mouth and still continued to use the name Illuminati. There could also have been other reasons. 

The secret goal, however, survived Weishaupt and the Rothschilds were now heads of the Illuminati (and still are today, together with David Rockefeller). A good help to reach the goal came from the Freemason Cecil Rhodes, who in the 19th Century tried to build a One World Government with the British Empire on the top. This was of course sponsored by the Rothschilds and it was also Rhodes who created the Round Table, a secret society in itself, named after King Arthur’s Round Table, where the Brotherhood Elite are gathering up to this day. 

World War I and II were both attempts to take over. After the Second World War people were so tired of all this killing that they welcomed the United Nations, when it was founded. The official policy of the UN was to safeguard the peace, so nothing like WW II would ever happen again. But indeed the UN was another important front organization for the Illuminati, to unite the countries of the world into one. This led to the EU project, which anyone, with his eyes open, can see goes right into the direction of the biggest fascist state known to man, where each country gets less and less power and sovereignty. 

By galloping inflation the International Bankers (read the Illuminati) have succeeded in making us believe that the only solution is a One Currency – the EMU. When that project is safeguarded, the Central European Bank (Illuminati) has all the power over the economy in Europe and can lead us in whatever direction they want. Some politicians are just stupid and ignorant, others are aware of facts and work for and with the Illuminati. The innocent people, being deceived, are the ones who will suffer the most. This is a betrayal beyond comprehension. 

The EU then will expand into the United Nations of Africa, Asia and South America and the end phenomenon will be that all those United States will be united into one big fascist state, which will last in a thousand years, regarding to their occult belief. It’s the Golden Age – the Age of AntiChrist

The secret societies and the Illuminati believe in the power of symbols. The world is full of their magical and black magic symbols. The problem is, we are so used to seeing them all over the place, that we don’t even think about it. The Illuminati believe that the more symbols around, the more magical power to them. The insignia of the Illuminati and the New World Order is the “Pyramid with the All-Seeing- Eye”, which you can study on the back of the US One Dollar Bill(!)


A few years ago this symbol was also on a series of stamps coming from the Vatican(!) The All-Seeing-Eye is the Eye of Horus, which is the Eye of Lucifer, and goes back to the Egyptian era. Other common symbols are the pentagram (five-pointed star), the hexagram (six-pointed star – The Star of David), the Swastika reversed (the way Hitler used it) and the pyramid in general. 

In summary, the original Brotherhood did not work out. And now warring factions of the original Brotherhood have very different agendas. What would be interesting is, if the original teachings before they were put into symbols could be found. It is my belief that original texts, spread throught religion, and in tomes souch as the Emerald tablets of Thoth, Egyptian Book of the Dead, could be translated. The original meaning and school of Enki will once again find the light of day.

All that remains to be added is do your own research, and the teachings may come to light. 


The Roswell Incident

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In July, 1947, something crashed at the Foster Ranch about 75 miles from Roswell, New Mexico.    What that something was exactly is still a mystery.  Was it a flying saucer or a weather balloon. Or was it a secret military project?

The incident begins with ranch manager, WW “Mac” Brazel finding metallic debris scattered over a large area.  He also found a shallow hole about 100 feet in length in the ground. Brazel took a large piece of debris to a shed and brought some smaller pieces to show to his neighbors, the Proctors.

The next day, Brazel told the Sheriff, George Wilcox, what he had found. Wilcox then reported it to the military, specifically to Major Jesse Marcel, the Intelligence Officer of the Roswell Army Air Field.  Marcel went to the sheriff’s office to see what had been found. Marcel reported to his commanding officer, Colonel William “Butch” Blanchard. Within days a large-scale search was launched well beyond the limits of the debris field. A few miles from the debris field, the main body of the flying saucer was allegedly found along with several bodies of small humanoid-type creatures.  Some of the remains of the craft and the alien bodies were taken to Fort Worth, TX.

Colonel Blanchard ordered Lieutenant Walter Haut, public relations officer at the base, to issue a press release telling the country that the Army had found the remains of a crashed flying disc.  Haut did as he was told.
General Clemence McMullen in Washington spoke by telephone with Colonel (later Brigadier General) Thomas DuBose in Fort Worth, chief of staff to the Eighth Air Force Commander General Roger Ramey. McMullen ordered DuBose to tell Ramey to quash the flying saucer story by creating a cover story and to send some of the crash material immediately to Washington.
General Roger Ramey held a press conference in Fort Worth in which he recanted the earlier press release and said  that what had crashed at was not a flying disk but a weather balloon. To make this story convincing, he showed the press the remains of a damaged weather balloon that he claimed was the actual wreckage from the crash site.
The military took Mr. Brazel into custody for about a week, during which time he was seen on the streets of Roswell with a military escort. His behavior at that time aroused the curiosity of friends when he passed them without any sign of recognition. Following this period of detention, Brazel repudiated his initial story.

The weather balloon story was published and accepted by the media.  The press coverage of the incident stopped and it was generally forgotten except as folklore.  However, in 1979 the story was revived and more witnesses came forward.
The military, for its part, has changed its story several times, from weather balloon to a secret project called “MOGUL” with anthropomorphic dummies, to plane crashes.
After the death of Walter Haut in 2006, a sworn affidavit signed by Haut was released in which he says what was found back in 1947 was not a weather balloon at all but was indeed a UFO.  Why he waited until after his death to tell his story is unclear, perhaps it was loyalty to the military or fear but now a new piece of the puzzle has been added and still the story is as muddled as ever.
What the truth is may one day come out with complete clarity but until then it is up to all of us to look at the information and decide for ourselves.