The Roswell Incident

Posted: October 6, 2012 by phaedrap1 in Conspiracy
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In July, 1947, something crashed at the Foster Ranch about 75 miles from Roswell, New Mexico.    What that something was exactly is still a mystery.  Was it a flying saucer or a weather balloon. Or was it a secret military project?

The incident begins with ranch manager, WW “Mac” Brazel finding metallic debris scattered over a large area.  He also found a shallow hole about 100 feet in length in the ground. Brazel took a large piece of debris to a shed and brought some smaller pieces to show to his neighbors, the Proctors.

The next day, Brazel told the Sheriff, George Wilcox, what he had found. Wilcox then reported it to the military, specifically to Major Jesse Marcel, the Intelligence Officer of the Roswell Army Air Field.  Marcel went to the sheriff’s office to see what had been found. Marcel reported to his commanding officer, Colonel William “Butch” Blanchard. Within days a large-scale search was launched well beyond the limits of the debris field. A few miles from the debris field, the main body of the flying saucer was allegedly found along with several bodies of small humanoid-type creatures.  Some of the remains of the craft and the alien bodies were taken to Fort Worth, TX.

Colonel Blanchard ordered Lieutenant Walter Haut, public relations officer at the base, to issue a press release telling the country that the Army had found the remains of a crashed flying disc.  Haut did as he was told.
General Clemence McMullen in Washington spoke by telephone with Colonel (later Brigadier General) Thomas DuBose in Fort Worth, chief of staff to the Eighth Air Force Commander General Roger Ramey. McMullen ordered DuBose to tell Ramey to quash the flying saucer story by creating a cover story and to send some of the crash material immediately to Washington.
General Roger Ramey held a press conference in Fort Worth in which he recanted the earlier press release and said  that what had crashed at was not a flying disk but a weather balloon. To make this story convincing, he showed the press the remains of a damaged weather balloon that he claimed was the actual wreckage from the crash site.
The military took Mr. Brazel into custody for about a week, during which time he was seen on the streets of Roswell with a military escort. His behavior at that time aroused the curiosity of friends when he passed them without any sign of recognition. Following this period of detention, Brazel repudiated his initial story.

The weather balloon story was published and accepted by the media.  The press coverage of the incident stopped and it was generally forgotten except as folklore.  However, in 1979 the story was revived and more witnesses came forward.
The military, for its part, has changed its story several times, from weather balloon to a secret project called “MOGUL” with anthropomorphic dummies, to plane crashes.
After the death of Walter Haut in 2006, a sworn affidavit signed by Haut was released in which he says what was found back in 1947 was not a weather balloon at all but was indeed a UFO.  Why he waited until after his death to tell his story is unclear, perhaps it was loyalty to the military or fear but now a new piece of the puzzle has been added and still the story is as muddled as ever.
What the truth is may one day come out with complete clarity but until then it is up to all of us to look at the information and decide for ourselves.


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