The Mummies of the Grand Canyon

Posted: November 4, 2012 by phaedrap1 in Conspiracy, News

What if everything we know about American history is wrong? What if the ancients came here long before Columbus and Jamestown? And what if they left behind clues, so that we could one day learn the true history of humanity?

In 1909, two men stumbled upon the missing link between the ancient world and our own. Professor S.A. Jordan and explorer G.E. Kincaid (sometimes spelled Kinkaid) discovered a cave system in the Grand Canyon that was home to much more than stalagmites and bats. Actually, a tunnel-system is a better description than that of a cave. What the two men found was a dug-out maze of geometrically perfect tunnels filled with ancient Egyptian and Indian artifacts, including mummies. A Buddhist shrine with plainly Egyptian hieroglyphs, boomerangs, and distinct metal objects were also among the finds. How could this be? Why have we never heard of this?

Jordan and Kincaid were both funded by the Smithsonian, our national museum. The Phoenix Gazette published their report as a front-page story on April 5th, 1909. This raised a few eyebrows, but never gained the national media’s attention. What amounts to the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century, possibly even the greatest ever, was promptly swept under the rug.

If you ask the Smithsonian about this find, they’ll swiftly deny its validity and say they don’t know of a Professor Jordan or a G.E. Kincaid. The relics they brought back are nowhere to be found, and the section of the Grand Canyon purported to hold this tunnel system is strictly off limits. With conventional research, the trail goes cold.

We’re left with two possibilities. Either the story is an elaborate, highly detailed hoax put on by two fame-hungry explorers in cahoots with a local newspaper, or the biggest evidence of pre-historical civilization was deliberately covered up.

The hoax theory doesn’t hold much water. Newspapers used to exist to educate the public, not to sensationalize current events, like they do now. If the journalist had indeed created this whole scenario from his own vivid imagination, wouldn’t he have found some national news source to pick it up? If he was in it for fame, he sure didn’t put much effort into pitching the story. And what about Jordan and Kincaid being fictional characters? Though the Smithsonian will say, “Never heard of ‘em,” if you dig deep enough, you can find records that contain their names. After the news-story was published, however, both men seem to vanish into thin air. Is this because they never existed or because they’d seen too much?

The cover-up theory suggests that The Smithsonian and other “powers-that-be” have a vested interest in making sure that anything that disproves conventional history, especially a discovery of this magnitude, is suppressed before it shatters the status quo, the perceived reality. It runs much deeper than some grumpy old historians having to admit that they were wrong. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the ancients were privy to an advanced technology, and the monuments and relics they put away for safe-keeping are clues to this mystery. The fossil-fuel and electricity magnates would be dethroned if humankind had access to all the pieces of the puzzle. Other than our tax dollars, who do you think funds the Smithsonian?

The people we refer to as Native Americans have many legends that describe pre-Columbian visitation form advanced civilizations. The Hopi legends describe what Jordan and Kincaid found, almost exactly. These Native Americans did not mummify their dead, but numerous mummies have been unearthed in North America. They’ll tell you that Egyptians, Indians, and other cultures had a great influence on their own. Maybe it’s time we listen.

The evidence for the Grand Canyon Mummies and other claims can be found everywhere…except for a history book.

Seek and you will find.

by Claudio Zorrospín

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