The Anunnaki…the journey begins….

Posted: August 13, 2012 by noxprognatus in Uncategorized

The Anunnaki. Who were they? When did they exist? Where they know as anything else? What evidence is there for their existence? Is there evidence of them in ancient books and texts? Is there anything passed down via secret societies and cults? The Illuminati? The knights Templar? And the questions just go on and on……

Who or what is God, the Gods, or just the supreme being, sentient thing known as the all, the source. Whatever your belief system these are questions that we all have in our hearts. My/our aim and goal is to solve some of theses “mysteries” and learn all the wisdom, that I believe the ancients held. Their civilisation was in many ways advanced to our own.

If , like me, these questions interest you…then let the journey begin…

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