Close Encounters Of The Black-Eyed Kind Part 1

Posted: August 25, 2013 by phaedrap1 in Occult
Tags: – It’s Saturday evening. A 34-year-old suburban school teacher is home alone when hears a knock at her door.

Just one knock.

She ignores it at first, but moments later she hears another knock, and begins to feel very uneasy. Her heart starts beating very rapidly. Cautiously she goes to the window and looks outside. There’s a nondescript middle-aged woman standing on the sidewalk, gazing blankly at her house. Her panic subsides and she opens the door, presuming it’s one of her neighbors needing help.

The woman walks forward and stops six feet in front of her. She looks into her eyes and there’s nothing there. All her thoughts dissolve and it’s as though she cannot perceive the rest of the world.

She feels numb, hollow, as if she’s no longer in control of her own body. She can see nothing in the woman’s eyes, no emotion, no life. They are just black.

As she stands there numb with shock, the black-eyed woman standing outside her doorway opens her mouth and says, “Let me in.” When the woman speaks, her breath quickens and she feels faint. So she quickly shuts the door and locks it, too terrified to even look out the window again. She admits that she has never encountered this strange woman again, but can still feel her presence, and suffers from episodes of panic which make her feel as if she’s going to die. It’s as if the moment she opened the door, this being gained access to her.

She still see’s her in her dreams. It’s as if she’s taken over her mind. She doesn’t know what she is, or what to do about it.

You can leave a haunted house…but how do you leave a haunted body or mind?


Image Credit – Dustin Naef


A man in Abilene, Texas is sitting in his parked car late at night, writing out a check to put in a drop-box when a rapping comes at his car window.

He turns and sees two young boys standing outside his car, asking for help. They urgently need a ride home so they can get some money from their Mom, and catch a movie that’s playing at the theater across the street from where he’s parked.


“C’mon mister, let us in. We can’t get in the car until you do, you know.” One of the boys pleads.The other boy doesn’t say a word.

The man becomes uneasy, noting the movie showing the kids want to see, at this late hour, is already half over.

“Just let us in,” the boy desperately pleads.

“We’ll be gone before you know it.

We’ll go to our mother’s house.”

To his shock, the man suddenly becomes aware of the fact that his hand is straying towards the lock on his car door, which is engaged.


Almost as if some compelling, hypnotic force is mysteriously guiding his movements; he’s in the process of almost opening the car door when he suddenly comes to his senses and pulls away, his mind snapping back into sharp focus.

That’s the moment he looks into the boys eyes, as if seeing them for the first time.

They are coal-black. No pupils. No irises. Just two black orbs reflecting the glittering red and white lights of the theater’s brightly lit marquee.

His face flushes with fear, betraying his horror. The silent kid’s facial expression changes, seeming to indicate to the man that whoever they were, and whatever they really wanted, they have just been found out.

The other boys face is livid now with anger. “C’mon mister,” he says again, “we won’t hurt you. But you have to LET US IN! We don’t have a gun!

“An edge of panic and desperation creeps into his clearly agitated tone: “WE CAN’T COME IN UNLESS YOU TELL US IT’S OKAY–LET…US…IN!”

Suddenly the man grips his gear shift in a panic, he slams his car into reverse, and then tears out of the parking lot.

From that day on, he wonders what would have really happened to him if he’d let those boys into his car and given them a ride.

The Black-Eyed People

Those who have encountered them describe sensing an air of evil malevolence behind their vacuous gaze; but other people who have met them face-to-face say that their strangeness goes much deeper than that. Some people who have met them report feeling an alien presence staring at them, something demonic . . . something not human.

They’re often described as emotionless, gaunt, hollow beings, almost as though they have no soul.

People report them appearing seemingly out of nowhere, they come knocking on your door or appearing next to you by your car, or on the street.

Sometimes you feel someone staring at you, and you look up to find their glassy black eyes locked on you in hunger. They always want something from you. They want a ride, to use your telephone, to be invited into your space, or for you to go with them. If you refuse, they grow more insistent.

Stories of these strangers, whose eyes appear to be black, began appearing on the Internet around 1998, and the encounters are eerily similar.

These strangers usually appear and ask for an invitation into your house, or car, or to go for a walk with them down some lonely path.

People from across the globe have reported encounters with black-eyed people.

You have to wonder who (or what) are these soulless beings are that approach calmly, quietly, and strike fear into those who encounter them?

Some people have speculated these black-eyed beings to be everything from extraterrestrials to demons – they have been here for millennia, living alongside us, working alongside us, breeding with us – and most of us don’t realize it. Not until we accidentally catch a glimpse of their dead black-eyes.

Witnesses frequently report odd variations in their manner of appearance, which tends to cause them to stand out; sometimes they’re dressed in clothing from some bygone-era, or wearing inexplicably strange color combinations–like someone who either wants to call attention to themselves–or alternately, someone who’s completely oblivious about how they’re dressed in public. Some make terrible mimics when they try to pass themselves off as a normal person and blend in with a crowd.

If the black-eyed beings are children, they do not act shy and reserved in front of strangers like most kids. They’re very forceful about what they want, and insistent in their attempts to intimidate and persuade people in verbally demanding some kind of help or assistance. Black-eyed children are said to be able to cultivate their speech and express themselves in a manner far, far beyond their years.

Evil and malevolence is a common feeling people get in their presence, but this is not reported in every encounter. Sometimes there’s just a very odd, amorphous, ill-defined feeling of alien strangeness in connection with eyewitness reports. There’s a sentiment that many of these black-eyed people appear homeless, and roaming about forlornly, seemingly without a place to go. Like lost souls doomed to wander the earth endlessly. They’re routinely described as showing up unexpectedly at someone’s house or vehicle. For some odd reason, they need to feel invited in by somebody, like some kind of supernatural vampire.

Recently I’ve begun to wonder if encounters of black-eyed people have anything to do with “energy vampires” or “mind parasites”.

Could there be some kind of connection?

Part 2 of this article will be published on 26 August – Don’t miss it!

Written by Dustin Contributor


About the author:
Dustin Naef has been a student of ancient mysteries and the paranormal for as long as he can remember. He has worked in screenwriting, graphic design and illustration, produced and designed video best-selling games, and is currently involved in the production of a film documentary and book about the mysteries surrounding Mount Shasta, California.

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