Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Winter Solstice

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There are hundreds of ancient sites, and were many thousands, that align to the winter solstice. However, the following sites mark this solstice alignment in a symbolic way. By doing so, they have encapsulated a profound esoteric wisdom that can still be grasped even in our modern world – outlasting books and texts, which are easily lost and destroyed. These monuments speak to us through thousands of years about the true spiritual significance of the winter solstice.

Their incredible accuracy reveals that these were not simple-minded builders looking for a way to mark the seasons, but highly advanced cultures who knew of great cosmic truths that we as a humanity have lost touch with today. Someone who understands the symbolic language used to build these sites can see the builders knew the winter solstice was the cosmic embodiment of the process of creation and the birth of the divine son. The significance of the birth of divinity pre-dates Christian times, which reveals that spiritual deities born at the winter solstice, such as Jesus, Horus, Krishna, Dionysus, Attis, Mithras, etc., symbolize something much greater which no religion owns exclusively. These sites were built around the universal knowledge of the process of awakening, which leads to spiritual inner transformation and enlightenment.

Glastonbury Tor ~ England

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor rising out of the mist (photo copyright Edwin Graham)

This ancient site is undated and unexcavated, and is believed by many to be the mysterious Isle of Avalon from the legend of King Arthur. It is a giant man-made seven terraced mound, which was once surrounded by water. Today it is topped by a Church tower, which may have been built in place of a much earlier site.

From what appears to be an ancient man-made observation mound on nearby Windmill Hill, someone can watch the winter solstice sun appear at the bottom of the terraces of Glastonbury Tor, and “roll” up the Northern side of terraces until clipping the top of the tower.  In approximately 3000 BC, only the top rim of the sun would have been visible, allowing someone to observe this incredible event without being blinded by the sun. This site gives pictures and diagrams of the winter solstice alignment at Glastonbury Tor.

The constellation Orion rises over the Tor in the winter months, followed by the star Sirius, which rises soon after. During the period around 3150 BC, Sirius rose in the same place as the winter solstice sun. Orion is associated with the Egyptian father god Osiris, and Sirius is associated with his wife, the Egyptian mother goddess Isis. Horus, their son, is associated with the sun, and is born at the winter solstice. Thus at Glastonbury Tor, during the winter solstice someone could witness a cosmic nativity of Father, Mother, and Son, along with the symbolism created by the Tor (discussed in The Spiritual Meaning of the Winter Solstice).

Additionally, from the same mound on Windmill Hill, the winter solstice sun on Dec 22, 2012 will also align with the Galactic center of the Milky Way, an important cosmological date indicated by the ancient Mayans and by extraterrestrial crop circles.

There is said to be a fabled treasure that exists in the very lowest chamber within the inner terraces of the island. The rising sun on the winter solstice connected with the birth of the divine son at the base of the terraces, reveals what the meaning of this treasure. It is the golden fleece, the symbol of the Christ/Son.

Chichen Itza ~ Mexico

Chichen Itza

The pyramid of the feathered serpent (which is a symbol of the union of the earthly and heavenly) at Chichen Itza (photo copyright Claude Belair)

At an ancient Mayan sacred site called Chichen Itza, there is a pyramid dedicated to Kukulcán, the feathered serpent. At spring and autumn equinoxes the sun creates an undulating pattern of light on the nine terraces of the pyramid to display seven triangles of light which link up with a stone serpent head at its base. As the sun sets on the autumn equinox, the pattern created by the movement and alignment of the sun appears to be of a snake descending down the pyramid steps, and at the spring equinox, it creates the impression of the snake ascending the pyramid.

which had nothing to do with the original builders and keepers of the real spiritual knowledge.

The Urubamba Sacred Valley, in the Andes of Peru


Looking over the shoulder of Viracocha at his face in the side of the Ollantaytambo mountain. If you look closely you can see the ruins built ontop of his head, forming the crown. (photo copyright D. Gordon E. Robertson)

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