Shielding 101

Posted: August 28, 2012 by noxprognatus in Spirituality

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Twilight Path

Author’s Note: Ever since my very visible work on the television show Paranormal State, I find myself asked again and again about psychic protection techniques — both from spirits and from the energies of the living. The following article, previously posted on the House Kheperu website (which hosts an extensive archive of similarly useful articles, all of which are also collected in this book), addresses the most fundamental technique of psychic protection: shielding. 


Shielding is a technique which allows you to keep outside energies from intruding upon your energy. With shielding, you set up a barrier between you and everything you want to keep out. Shielding is an essential technique for sensitives and natural empaths, for without the ability to erect a barrier between themselves and the outside world, they can easily be overwhelmed by the assault of thoughts, emotions, and energies.

There are many different ways to…

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