The Mental Body

Posted: August 23, 2012 by phaedrap1 in Spirituality

The Mental Body facilitates cognition. It gives you the ability to have thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and higher psychic abilities.  Mental consciousness ranges from  the very specific to the  very general and abstract.  The five mental senses are: Mental hearing, mental feeling, mental sight, the mental equivalent of taste), and the mental equivalent of smell.
The Mental Body has its own range of feeling. When there is excessive focus on negative thought then there is judgment, mental fear, and depression. When the focus is on the positive then there is compassion, understanding, peace, and joy.  The Mental Universe  is overall a place of beauty. It is filled with light – and pastel colors are common. The Mental  Universe, similar to the Astral World, contains a mental replica of the higher universes. It is filled with knowledge about everything.  Mental consciousness is more objective, factual, and impersonal than astral consciousness. However, individual personality and character are at the highest level of development in mental consciousness.
The Mental Body is shaped like the Physical Body. It also has an aura that is oval shaped with pointed ends. The aura extends about 4 to 10 feet from the Physical Body. The usual colors seen are light blue, yellow, gray, silver, white, and gold, however all pastel colors can be present. It has the same major chakras as the physical and astral bodies.  Mental consciousness is awakened through academic study, reading, certain types of energetic stimulation, and certain meditation practices.

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